We aim to maintain the trust of our clients within and outside the country and maintain continuous contact and always working for securing their comfort and provide them with all legal amendments on time concerning the legal advice. In addition, we keep our communication with our clients through the best means and modern technologies and ensure that we are always there for them and ready to make the effort and take care of the interests of our clients.

·         Our Office in Egypt and the United Arab Emirates excels in providing the services of litigation and legal services for a broad base of major clients, companies, establishments and individuals … we provide our clients with integrated and excellent legal services as follows:
·         Provide all forms of advice and legal opinion concerning various issues, cases and legal advice both verbally and in writing and serving notices.
·         Prepare and formulate all kinds of contracts, deeds, undertakings, securities, powers of attorney and other documents that our clients request in various matters and aspects immediately upon request with the view to include a future perspective for such contractual relation.
·         All procedures of establishment of new companies in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the United Arab Emirates and for all kinds of companies (money companies and individuals’ companies).
·         Represent all clients and customers of the Office in various types of cases and before all degrees of courts particularly that the Office is licensed to practice the lawyers’ profession before the courts of first instance, courts of appeal, courts of cassation and the state security court.
Accordingly, the Office excels in providing its services to its customers and act on their behalf as follows:


We provide our services to and act on behalf of our clients in civil, commercial, labor, civil status and criminal cases of all degrees.
·         Our Office provides legal consultancy and services to a broad base of clients concerning matters related to the establishments of businesses whether in form of establishments or companies. Our services include cases related to:
Banking services (banks) – insurance – land, marine and air freight – imports and exports – tourism sector– representative for some satellite channels and investment companies that have business in the free zones –  wages and dues (labor) – intellectual property – properties and properties’ rights – arbitration and alternative solutions for disputes (as we are specialized and excellent in settlement Of disputes and work as neutral mediators in solving and settlement of disputes rising between the parties) – fields of energy – criminal cases – civil status cases – cases filed before the Committee of Disputes Settlement.
·         In addition to that, Rashed International Office Legal Consultants and Advocates is cooperating with Majid Al Shaikh Lawyers and Legal Consultants Office, and International Arbitration office in the United Arab Emirates.
·         In addition to the Office of the Gulf cooperation Council (GCC).
·         Office is established in the city of Al Ain and will soon open a branch in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah.