Our Office in Egypt and the United Arab Emirates excels in providing the services of litigation and legal services for a broad base of major clients, companies, establishments and individuals … we provide our clients with integrated and excellent legal services as follows:

Provide all forms of advice and legal opinion concerning various issues, cases and legal advice both verbally and in writing and serving notices.

Prepare and formulate all kinds of contracts, deeds, undertakings, securities, powers of attorney and other documents that our clients request in various matters and aspects immediately upon request with the view to include a future perspective for such contractual relation.

All procedures of establishment of new companies in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the United Arab Emirates and for all kinds of companies (money companies and individuals’ companies).

Represent all clients and customers of the Office in various types of cases and before all degrees of courts particularly that the Office is licensed to practice the lawyers’ profession before the courts of first instance, courts of appeal, courts of cassation and the state security court.